Riana Mahilda

About Me

Riana Mahilda is the author of RIANAMAHILDA.COM, a personal blog about personal thoughts, experiences, beauty and chic simple-lifestyle. She is also a Digital Marketing Enthusiast and currently focusing on building her talent management, EMSEE ID, that was established in January 2016. She graduated from Telkom University majoring in Telecommunication Engineering in 2015 and has experienced being a part of Esfera TV Campus (as Creative/Host/MC - in Strategics Marketing). Now, she works in Indosat Ooredoo (IP Configuration Technician), in addition to running her talent management, being a freelance announcer/voice over talent and blogging. She is a 1991-born Indonesian, Palembangnese - Javanese descendant. She likes sharing, and challenging herself to fulfill her tons of wishlist and pursue her passion; has been inspired, helped and mentored by many respectful individuals in her life. She never stops to keep learning about everything and she hopes to be someone who can inspire people through her blog and projects.

Note: Every post in this blog is her honest personal thoughts/opinions, perhaps it can be different from anyone's perspective. Anyway, Riana loves to make new friends and/or collaborate with anyone who is interested. Please email r.mahilda@gmail.com for further information ♥