Riana Mahilda


Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog.

It's nice to meet you here and I hope your day is going well. This is my personal blog where I write about topics such as my personal perspective, thoughts, and my lifestyle. If you are able to find some value in my post, I would be delighted. Because I really wish I could make a positive impact on other people with the things I write on this blog.

Currently, I work as a Product Development Officer at a HR Tech Start-up in Jakarta. In addition, I also freelance in voice over and content creation. It doesn't matter what role I play; as a creature of Allah, as a child, as an employee, etc. As a value, it's important to be able to spread benefit those around me not just in the broad sense but also on a more personal depth level.

The content include most of the photographic documentationon this website are my own work, all views, opinions, and reviews are my own. Credit this blog when using one of the photos or posts

For advertising or sponsorship opportunities, you can reach me directly at this email address. I am very open to any offer of cooperation that, naturally, follows upholding personal values and principles.

There are sharing and coaching sessions that you can participate in depending on your needs. As of now, I am focusing on these topics: Self-Development, Career Switching, Fundamental of UX Writing, Copywriting, and Voice Over. On the available schedules, please select a session and book your quota.