Riana Mahilda


Sat, 26 November 2022 19:22 PM

Rain season has the best things that i like, the nice smells of petrichor (pleasent scent of rain on dry earth), rain drops sound on the ground, a situation that make you turn into mellow feelings and last is the colour pallete.

Rain make almost plant growing green. The leaves look so fresh, Foggy forest in the morning look white smoothies, the earth turn into dark chocolate, swamp color with the dark hues like choco and coral and totally creates different mood. So, rain colour pallete have tendency to look fresh and chic

So for my outfit of the day, I choose this green handmade outer as the point. The design quite formal simply, very chic with cutout shoulder. This outer can be match for all types shirt/bell-sleeves/dress. Sometimes, when I want to go to formal ocassion and there is no formal clothes ready in the wardrobe, I make this outer pairing with informal clothes to make the entire look formaly of course still in rain colour palette guidelines. I mixed the outer with white loose shirt, sandy brown pants, and wheat colour of hijab. I finished off my outfit with St. Moritz to elevate the entire look.

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